Liz Reese

Liz Reese


Artist Bio

Liz Reese received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M in Education, graduating in 1982. She went on to complete her Masters in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with specializations in Reading and Art. She taught in the Katy school district before starting a family. She and her husband, Richard, raised four capable, creative and independent children, homeschooling each one of them along the way. During those busy days of raising kids, Liz seldom had time to pursue art, yet creativity spilled out in every area of her life. From murals on the walls of the kid’s bedrooms, elaborate forts built in the living room and backyard, to fun meals with scenes made with vegetables on the plate, to banner projects at church, creativity could not be ignored!

She now enjoys an in home studio and having increased time to pursue painting. She feels one of her greatest advantages is having been raised by an artist and being taught at to look at her surroundings through an artistic eye. She has had numerous painting sessions with her mom, a Signature artist of the Watercolor Art society. Although largely self taught, she looks forward to studying with the wide variety of artists available in her recent new home of East Texas.

Artist Statement

Our everyday surroundings are overflowing with visual delights waiting to be captured and transformed onto paper or canvas. I use various mediums in my home studio, focusing on acrylic and watercolor to create a variety of subjects. I use vivid color and brushwork intuitively to convey the look and feel of what I am painting.

I hope to inspire joy with my painting through color, movement, light and subjects.  I want the viewer to get a glimpse of cheer to lift their spirit. Painting never loses its appeal and it brings me great joy and satisfaction to be able to express myself with a paintbrush. My diverse subject matter and painting styles speak to my varied interests and constant learning and experimentation.