Lauren Parish

Lauren Parish


Lauren Parish is a self-taught artist currently living in rural northeast Texas. Parish is a firm believer in exercising both sides of the brain. In addition to her artistic interests, Lauren earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and a Juris Doctor Degree from Baylor University. She recently retired as a State District Judge where she served for 24 years. Lauren has always been a student of human nature and has always been intrigued by the many personalities she has met over the years in and out of the courtroom.
Lauren did not make her entry into the “art world” until a few short years ago when she and several friends decided, on a whim, to take some group art lessons. That “whim” blossomed into an artistic outlet for Parish.

Parish’s artistic work primarily consists of large acrylic paintings on wood panels or canvasses.
“I have just recently had an opportunity to try my hand at painting. I realized just how late I came to this “party” when my mother compared me to Grandma Moses. But, since Grandma Moses began painting in earnest at the age of 78, I feel more like a “spring chicken”!

I enjoy colors and textures in abstract subjects. It is always exciting to play with colors and layers of hues and textures and I love the journey that each abstract project takes me on.

I also find people so very interesting. The character in their faces is so often evident by lines left by years of gracious smiles or years of sorrow or distress. I have found that the eyes tend to captivate me most about an individual. Maybe these are some of the reasons I enjoy painting faces. I have a particular affinity for images of displaced refugee children. The fear and uncertainty in these small little faces have so touched me. On the lighter side of things, I also enjoy painting iconic faces, such as Willie Nelson and David Bowie.

Artist Statement

I love art. I always have. Art is the therapy I needed for my soul, much like running used to be. But, art is definitely easier on the knees! I realize that I got a late start in the art world, but I hope that I can always find sanctuary on canvass. It is a very healing, as well as humbling, activity. It brings me great solace and joy and it is exciting for me to be able to share that with others.