Joel Nichols

Joel Nichols


Born in 1943.

My two brothers and I were fortunate enough to have had a father that was an aspiring artist. A house painter by trade, he would find time to paint a mural or two.

I was third generation in a small town called Lodi, Ca in the center of the California grape and wine industry.
After a couple of years in Jr. College, I followed my two brothers by joining the Navy in 1962. I returned to college after coming off of active duty changing my major from science to art. For the next 45 years, I had to put art on the back burner as life’s demands did not afford me much time for myself. I did, however, doodle in pen and ink during coffee and lunch breaks thus my love for black and white.

In 2005 my family decided to move to Tyler, Texas to get my wife back to her mom and dad. I was finally able to begin trying to develop my skills at art. I must admit that I am all over the place but seem to settle in on Acrylic and lately Sharpie and acrylic. Back to my pen and ink roots but on a larger scale. I love landscape, seascapes and whatever catches my attention.