Cheryl D. McClure

Cheryl D. McClure


Born in southeastern Oklahoma, the majority of my adult life has been spent in Texas in and around Longview. My husband and I raised our family there. I have spent over thirty years painting as well as volunteering with the local art museum and art organizations.

For the past ten years I have made my home and set up my studio on a small ranch near New London, that belonged to the family for about fifty years.

I enjoy making my paintings here and selling them through commercial galleries or through art design professionals. I am fortunate to have galleries in several cities throughout the USA. As well at the Valerosa Designs and Gallery, I am affiliated with
galleries in work in Seattle, Houston and Amarillo, Texas. I have also worked with a number of corporate art galleries on commissions for commercial, residential and healthcare.

I have received a number of awards over the years; the most prestigious as a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize, 2011. My work is also recognized by many publications and books about art, color and technique. The latest, Smaller Than Death by Theodore Worozbyt was a collaboration of poetry and painting in 2015 that featured the cover and seventeen of my paintings.

Cheryl was recently featured by EGuide Magazine’s Inside the Artist’s Studio column by Derrick White – Giving Life to Painting: Cheryl McClure.

Artist Statement

To make my paintings I have come to the realization that I use what I call the ‘Three I’s” of INFLUENCES, INTUITION. and INTENT.

If I only used influences, I would consider my work not much more than a copy or totally derivative of someone else’s work.

If I only used intuition, I would wonder (and rightly so) if I would have a consistency of quality and meaning in my work.

If I used only intent, I would more than likely be disappointed because my imagined intent is always elusive. I get more than I imagined by not setting too many rules about how to get there.

Using all of these factors, I can use knowledge of formal issues that come from viewing a lot of art and being in the studio making art all of the time. Using that knowledge to intuitively know what is the right relationship of color, mark, space, etc. is the intent. Intention is needed to direct you to explore the former two. Intention also demands you delve more into your own reasons for making art.

Painting Process:
I am committed to abstraction, lured by the sensuality, smell and look of paint applied with a confident hand. Through the years I have experimented with many mediums, even mixing them up quite a bit. I continue to come back to acrylic or oil paint on canvas or panel.

I don’t generally paint with a lot of layering although I will if I need to get a certain feel in the work. My first instinct is to go for it and analyze later. I spend a lot of time looking at my work after the initial sessions. I mix things up and try to challenge myself by using arbitrary color, shapes or different drawing or painting materials now and then. I like consistency of style while striving to not get locked into a rut.

There is a real thrill when painting, that a work almost paints itself. It helps make up for all the ones that I struggle to make work. I don’t want the struggle to show. I seek perfect imperfection.