Exhibition Open Now through August 31st at
Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Artist Reception:
Saturday, July 27th, 3:00-5:00PM

Kelly Gowan is an East Texas Abstract Artist who works in resin, 3D artwork, and mixed media. In her 600+ sq ft studio in Holly Lake, she creates paintings with blow torches, her hands and more. Each piece is a unique design that has many many layers and processes involved to achieve the final look. She is constantly trying new techniques and working with multiple mediums of paints, inks, textures and tools.

Kelly’s zest for life, a love of peace, music, and nature, and all of this comes out in her art. She works in her studio at Holly Lake Ranch where she does large commissioned pieces and anything she dreams up. She loves working with clients to come up with the right size art for walls, color schemes that work in a home or office and creative looks and styles that each person will truly love!

In fact, Kelly loves art so much that she says she wakes up thinking about it, paints during the day, and falls asleep dreaming of her next creation. To her, the best part is watching someone fall in love with the art she has created – which is easy to do!.

Kelly kick started her art career when she was accepted into a juried show and able to participate in one of the Nation’s top art shows, Fort Worth Mainstreet Art Fest, where she sold out. She has successfully sold art in almost every state in the US, as well as paintings overseas to Denmark and France! She has successfully implanted large scale art installations in both corporate settings and many homes and offices.

You can view more of her work on her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kellygowanart/ , Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kellygowanart/ or her website http://kellygowan.com.