Exhibition Opens
Saturday, April 27th at
Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Artist Reception:
Saturday, May 4th
1:00-3:00p.m. at
Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Painting gives me joy in seeing. A magic takes place when painting from life whether it is a scene or a portrait or a still life. I become one with that scene. Painting sessions are not the only time this feeling engulfs me, but also when I am just observing while going about my daily tasks. This lends dimension to my life that I would have missed if I hadn’t become an artist.

Painting has also made me more aware of the transitory nature of those magic moments when the light is just right. I must be quick and well-prepared to capture the nuances of light and shadow. There is no time for fumbling around. Early morning and early evening are especially beautiful. On a broader scale, painting has given me a keen appreciation for those magic times in life and an awareness of their impermanence.