About Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Valerosa Designs & Gallery in Tyler, Texas, hosts a phenomenal collection of artistic expression! The selections are truly magnificent in their diversity and richness of character. Numerous works by East Texas painters bring the walls of the gallery to life. Also, spread throughout the entire gallery, are fascinating cultural pieces ranging from original jewelry designed by an expert Navajo artist, to blown glass works designed in the hills of Arkansas. These and numerous sculptures, carvings, wood and art glass bowls, and so much more are waiting to be appreciated by you, the discerning art collector.
Neita Fran Ward - Owner of Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Neita Fran Ward
Owner of Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Neita Fran Ward

Neita Fran Ward, a native East Texan, is the owner of Valerosa Designs and Gallery in Tyler, Texas.  Through her extraordinary talents as an artist, networker and leader, Neita serves artists, art collectors and the community with a passion to bring joy to all people through art. This passion shows through everything she does.

As an artist, Neita designs Southwestern jewelry. Neita began designing jewelry with Navajo Brian Billie in 2001, and since then her jewelry has been purchased by many national and international collectors.

As a networker, Neita connects artists with buyers and the community, and she does this through many channels – the gallery space, the Art Connection of East Texas radio program, websites, a mobile app, social media, and volunteers who help with all of these things.

As a leader, Neita is the President of the Bergfeld Merchants Association and host the Art Connection of East Texas (ACET) radio program on KTBB 97.5 in Tyler.  From this platform, Neita is able to introduce and highlight artists, musicians, designers and even educators who each have their unique contributions to the arts culture of East Texas.

Neita Fran Ward holds a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin State University. She has owned art galleries for over 20 years.