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You will experience the passionate expressions of artists and their creative genius. From cases overflowing with jewelry unequaled in originality to sculptures, paintings and a plethora of additional unique creations, your heart will be captivated and encouraged to expand your artistic repretoire.

Come by Valerosa today and meet the spectacular personality behind the passionate mission of the Gallery – Neita Fran Ward. Meeting Neita Fran will energize you and launch your artistic vision. Come by and see why the East Texas business community is so fortunate to have Valerosa Designs & Gallery as part of its team.

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Valerosa Designs & Gallery is the gallery home for the Artist of the Month, a program from Art Connection of East Texas. Click on the logo to visit this month’s Artist of the Month, and come by Valerosa Designs & Gallery to see the artist’s work in the window.